15 of the World’s Wildest Rainforests to Trek

Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Chitwan National Park

Explorers are drawn to the sub-tropical Terai lowlands to experience Chitwan’s dense jungles and wide grassy plains. Nepal’s first National Park is a fascinating place, home to rare one-horned rhino and beautiful Bengal tigers, with twisting trails to tread and the vast Rapti River to explore in traditional dugout canoes. Thinking about taking to the water here? Take our advice and be sure to look out for crocodiles.

Chitwan is known for its rich biodiversity, with creatures large and small making their homes here. Some 68 mammal species have been recorded in the National Park — as well as 126 different fish types and 544 birds, making this the perfect place for nature lovers. But the main draw is the thick rainforest, its leaves vibrant and lush thanks to the monsoon conditions, and its secrets crying out to be discovered. Like to get back to the wild? There are few places better than ever-charming Chitwan.


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