15 of the World’s Wildest Rainforests to Trek

Danum Valley, Borneo, Malaysia

Danum Valley

Humans have never inhabited Danum’s virgin forestlands, making Malaysia the perfect place for those seeking a walk on the wild side. Located in remote Sabah, on the country’s picturesque northern coast, this is an isolated spot, where rare creatures can be glimpsed through the trees, and all in the jungle is at peace.

Look out for rhinoceros, orangutans, gibbons and leopards, whilst travelling twitchers will be in their element, with abundant bird life to be seen here, and another avian species always crying out to be spotted.

Danum is a beautiful place indeed — an ancient tropical forest in a lowland location, where all is unspoilt and the pristine jungle is still as nature intended. It’s wild, for sure, but that’s a huge part of its obvious appeal. Like to leave modern life and all its hustle and bustle behind? This is the place to do it.


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