15 of the World’s Wildest Rainforests to Trek

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

Daintree Rainforest

Not keen on insects? You might want to give Daintree a miss — with more than 12,000 species at home in a complex ecosystem that teems with life from morning until night. For those who are able to put up with the creepie crawlies, this remarkable rainforest demands to be explored. Located in a sun-kissed corner of North-East Queensland, this is wild Australia at its finest.

Look out for bats and butterflies — 90% of all Australian species can be found beneath the lush forest canopy — as you trek the twisting trails here, some paths leading right to the reef-fringed ocean’s edge, whilst others head up the vast granite outcrops that dot the landscape.

For those seeking a challenge, Thornton’s Peak calls out to be climbed, but the true wonders lie hidden in the dense jungle, with its thick leaves and exotic foliage. Time to trek? There’s always another track that demands to be explored.


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