23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World

Chicken’s Feet

Chicken's Feet

Chicken’s Feet are not to everyone’s tastes, it’s true, but there’s no question that, although a little weird, this is a foodstuff that proves surprisingly popular.

People dine on Chicken’s Feet in countless countries – including Indonesia, Ecuador, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Moldova – and it is a highly popular food in Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. As a matter of fact, packaged chicken feet are sold in most grocery stores and supermarkets in China as a snack, often seasoned with rice vinegar and chili.

Such is their global appeal, there are numerous cooking methods that vary from country to country. Chicken’s Feet can be eaten as snacks or added to dishes, but regardless of the recipe, it’s crucial to prepare them properly. The Chinese like them deep-fried or steamed until puffy and in southern China, they also cook chicken feet with raw peanuts to make a thin soup. Would you be willing to try it?


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