23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Spotted Shirako on the menu? You should think twice about ordering. This might sound harmless enough — like a variation on sushi or sashimi. But Shirako is, in fact, fish sperm.

This is a dish that is served in Japan, as well as other Asian countries, including Indonesia and Korea. ‘Milt’ is another word to look out for on the menu. Unless eating a fish’s seminal fluid is what you intended, you should think about ordering something else.

Cod Shirako is the most common — although sperm that has been drawn from molluscs and other water-based creatures that spray their fluid onto eggs can also be used. It’s difficult to picture, but most find that Shirako looks nothing like they’d imagined. It tends to be squishy and ovoid in shape and is similar in appearance to a miniature brain. If you think eating fish sperm is weird, spare a thought for those who have to collect it.


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