23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



Salo is not one for anyone watching their waistline. Traditional in Slavic countries, this is not the healthiest option out there. Foodies consume cured slabs of pork fat in great quantities across Eastern Europe. For lard lovers, this is as good as it gets.

Salo is considered a national treasure in Ukraine, where it is most popular. Visiting Hungary, Poland, Russia or Romania? You will see Salo on sale here too. But the big question is, will you be brave enough to give it a try?

People eat Salo cooked or raw, and with or without skin. There are regional variations aplenty, but the basic premise is always the same. Cured in brine or dried in salt, Salo is smoked in the South and served with paprika in the East, and it often comes with a shot of vodka on the side. Have a try, but do take our advice. Order a second glass before tucking in.


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