23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Black Pudding

Black Pudding is a familiar food in the UK and Ireland. It is often included in a traditional cooked breakfast here. This might not sound as weird as certain other foodstuffs — but consider its composition and the concept is somewhat strange.

In its most basic form, Black Pudding is a sausage that is made using pig’s blood, drained during slaughter. Weird, perhaps. But as fans and foodies can attest, it is also delicious.

This is an ancient dish that dates back centuries. Traditional Black Pudding comprises pork blood and fat, mixed with beef suet and cereal, and encased in a cow’s intestine. Described as such, it doesn’t sound too appealing, it’s true.

But look past the pudding’s production and this remains a popular British foodstuff. So-called ‘blood sausages’ are commonplace elsewhere, and can be found all over Europe and beyond. But Black Pudding is the original — and, as traditionalists continue to insist, the best.


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