23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



Ever tried Tripe? It’s eaten all over the world. Once popular in the UK, this is a dish in decline on British shores. But Tripe is still favourite across Europe and beyond. Often found in France and in Italy, this is a foodstuff that is still served in great quantities on the Continent. Yet for those uninitiated, Tripe’s reputation makes it one to avoid.

Tripe is the edible lining taken from a farm animal’s stomach. More often than not, this comes from cows and sheep. But those with more exotic tastes dine on deer, antelope and even giraffe Tripe. Boiled and bleached, Tripe was a working-class staple during Victorian times — providing a cheap and nutritious meal that was readily available.

Modern tastes and trends mean that it is far less popular in the UK these days. Yet aficionados elsewhere continue to swear by it — with Tripe Soup one variation that is consumed on a regular basis in Eastern Europe.


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