23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Tuna Eyeballs

There’s no question that this one has the gross factor. But Tuna Eyeballs are popular in Japan, where they’re readily available from most supermarkets. Like all things fishy? This might still be a step too far. Tuna Eyeballs are the size of tennis balls and are surrounded by fat and severed muscles.

It should not be eaten raw and needs to be lightly cooked. There are various cooking methods used here, but none can disguise the fact that this is a giant eyeball — or shake the nagging feeling that you’re being watched.

Home cooks often boil Tuna Eyeballs and season to taste, whilst chefs braise them in soy sauce and mirin or sauté in sesame oil and ginger. The taste is a little like squid, but the texture can present quite a challenge. Served as bar snacks and appetisers, there’s no question that Tuna Eyeballs are an acquired taste.


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