23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



Mexicans have been eating Escamol since Aztec times. Comprising the larvae and pupae of ants, this ‘insect caviar’ is popular in Latin America. Feeling peckish? Trust us on this one — it’s much nicer than it sounds. Harvesting the light-coloured eggs is a laborious process that makes Escamol a delicacy.

The distinctive flavour is both buttery and nutty, and the texture a little like cottage cheese. This is particularly popular in and around Mexico City. Ever paid a visit to this pulsing metropolis? The chances are you’ve eaten Escamol.

Local cooks often add Escamol to fresh tacos and flavoursome omelettes. But it’s also eaten alone, with guacamole and tortillas. Sometimes the larvae is fried — giving it a distinct crunch. Best served with butter and local herbs and spices, this is one that we recommend. Mexican street food at its weirdest, this is also indigenous cuisine at its authentic best.


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