23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Bird’s Nest Soup

It’s all in the name – a soup that is made from bird’s nests. Intrigued? Bird’s Nest Soup is delicious. But it’s also expensive. The high price is due, in part, to the dangers involved in harvesting the edible nests from the mountaintop caves in which they’re found.

The nests then require a thorough clean to make them safe to eat. This is a painstaking process that just adds to the cost. The end result? Connoisseurs have no doubt that it’s worth it.

Popular dish in Chinese cuisine, people have been eating Bird’s Nest Soup throughout Southeast Asia for more than 400 years. The nests are created by swiftlets, using solidified saliva. This might sound disgusting, but it’s considered quite a delicacy. When dissolved in water, the nests have a gelatinous texture that makes them popular amongst discerning diners. This is probably one of the strangest most expensive foods eaten by humans.


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