23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Frog’s Legs

Frog’s Legs are a French cuisine delicacy. Yet “Cuisses de Grenouille” is quite a recent phenomenon. Elsewhere on Earth, diners have been feasting on frogs for much longer.

The Chinese in particular have been enjoying Frog’s Legs for centuries, but it’s in France that this weird foodstuff has gained the greatest gastronomic renown. Here, they’re served in the discerning Dombes region. Like to give them a try? They’re not as bad as most people imagine.

Frog’s Legs taste a little like chicken, with a mild flavour and a texture like wings. They’re packed with protein and fatty acids. But their reputation remains questionable. This is, in part, due to animal welfare issues. Served all over Asia, as well as in Portugal, Spain and the Southern United States, Frog’s Legs are more popular than you’d imagine. Yet, despite the fact that the food has found its home country in France, it is not a dish largely consumed by the French.