23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



When it comes to weird food, it doesn’t get much stranger than Starfish. Popular in China, this is a street food most often found on market stalls. Dried out and deep fried in oil, the Starfish is considered quite a delicacy.

Yet eating it is far from a simple task for the uninitiated. The outside is tough and armour-plated and not good to bite down upon. Keen to avoid a rookie mistake? Crack it open and seek out the meat inside.

This is soft and spongy, but connoisseurs will tell you that this is where the good stuff is. It can be rather mushy, whilst the pungent smell puts off many. But Starfish fans cannot get enough, and hai xing — as it is known here — is regarded as a considerable treat for foodies. Starfish is often served on a wooden stick, like an exotic seafood lollipop.


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