23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World


Fried Rattlesnake

Been offered Desert Whitefish? Do beware. This is just an alternative name for a dish that is often eaten in the Southwest United States. The Desert Whitefish that looks so tempting on the menu? It is, in fact, Southern Fried Rattlesnake. Still keen to order?

Venomous rattlers are abundant in Texas and Arizona, but since discovering them to be delicious, local foodies have stopped complaining. Like to give Southern Fried Rattlesnake a try? Take our word for it: this is an acquired taste.

Often bland and lacking flavour, it can be difficult to eat — with the meat sinewy, tough and riddled with small bones. Get a good one, however, and aficionados reckon that, with sufficient seasoning, this is good eating indeed. Best served breaded and deep fried, it’s not a dish for all. Be it Desert Whitefish or Southern Fried Rattlesnake, this might be one that is best avoided.


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