23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



This is not one for all the dog lovers out there. Yes, Boshintang is a soup that is made using canine meat. Frowned upon in the West, eating dogs has long been a part of Korea’s culinary culture. You might think that this is wrong. But in Asia, there is nothing unusual about tucking into a steaming bowl of Boshintang.

This flavoursome soup is eaten both in North and South Korea. Dining out? It could be called Gaejangguk or Dangogiguk on the menu. You don’t want to eat dogs? Then this is one to avoid.

Boiled with onions, dandelions and various herbs and spices, Boshintang has a rich flavour that, the ingredients aside, tempt the taste buds. Eating it is said to be invigorating, with some claiming the broth even has medicinal benefits. But for dog lovers, eating this dish is probably unthinkable.


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