23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



Known also as Mexican Truffle, Huitlacoche is a Latin American delicacy, dating back to Aztec times. This is a prized foodstuff in these parts. It’s strange to think then that this is, in fact, a fungus — a plant disease dismissed elsewhere as Corn Smuts.

Found growing on affected ears of corn, Huitlacoche has an earthy flavour, a little like mushrooms. Like to put it to the test? Trust us on this one: it tastes much better than it sounds.

Sharp-eyed foodies harvest the blue-black spores for use in various Mexican dishes — including quesadillas, tortillas and soups. It can be bought canned or jarred from stores and markets, but is best enjoyed in freshly-prepared favourites from traditional street food stalls. Smothered in melted cheese and topped with spicy salsa, Huitlacoche can be elevated from fungus to fine food in an instant. Weird perhaps, but a tasty treat indeed.


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