23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



Like to eat a rotten shark? Thought not. Yet in Iceland, this is a delicacy. Called Hakarl, this is a food that divides opinion. One thing is for certain: Hakarl reeks. Those tasting it for the first time are advised to hold their nose.

Those who don’t heed the warnings are often ill. Hakarl comes in two different types — soft and chewy. Both are disgusting. You might think that you have a strong stomach. But nothing can prepare you for this.

Greenland Sharks are cured using a particular fermentation process and left to hang for four to five months in order to make Hakarl. It’s a long and laborious process and one wonders if it’s worth it.

Yet still production continues — and still those tasting it for the first time continue to gag at the ammonia-like stench. Feeling brave? We don’t recommend it. But if you must give horrible Hakarl a try, be sure to wash it down with a shot of Brennivin — a potent local spirit that makes the experience a little less vile.


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