23 Strangest Foods Eaten Around The World



People have been eating Locusts since Biblical times. Served dried, smoked or fried, this is a food stuff that is packed with protein. Most popular in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, edible insects remain an important source of nourishment for millions. Like to give Locusts a try? You’ll find them rather moreish.

So much so that Locusts are starting to become available outside their traditional heartlands. Europe has still to be conquered, but it seems as though this is a food trend heading our way. Would you eat insects?

You could soon get the chance without having to travel. For now, though, Locusts are best enjoyed served the traditional way, from a Middle Eastern market or Asian food stall. Seasoned well and cooked to a crunch, Locust fans love to scoff theirs on wooden sticks whilst on the move and is a weird food that remained popular through centuries with foodies all over the world.


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