Japan: 25 Astounding Places You Must Visit

Shibuya – Tokyo

15 Truly Astounding Places To Visit In Japan

Taking a trip to Tokyo? You’ll be sure to end up at Shibuya. The sprawling capital’s commercial and business centre, this is a place popular with tourists and locals alike, a buzzing spot that has become renowned as Tokyo’s best shopping and entertainment district. Home to the two busiest train stations on Earth — Shibuya and Shinjuku — this can be a chaotic place, but get your bearings and you’ll soon find your feet.

The famous Hachiko Crossing is a case in point, with 3000 pedestrians crossing at peak time. It’s also an amazing sight at night. Maid cafe is a must-do for the quirkiest Japanese experience. Manga and anime fans will love the atmosphere. Eat some delicious sushi at ‘Genki Sushi’ and take a stroll in Yoyogi Park.

With its countless shops, restaurants and nightclubs, Shibuya never sleeps, this a colourful spot that can tire out tourists. But there are places here to enjoy a little quiet time too. When it all gets too much, head to the Meiji Shrine, set in 170 acres of beautiful forest, to recharge your batteries before heading back out onto the busy city streets once again.


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