15 Truly Astounding Places To Visit In Japan

Kabukicho – Tokyo


Known as the ‘Sleepless Town’ for obvious reasons, something is always happening in chaotic Kabukicho, Shinjuku’s famed entertainment district and a place that demands a visit after hours.

It’s a place of bright lights and ever-bustling streets, where anything is possible and everything is available. It’s also Tokyo’s red-light district, although that shouldn’t put you off. Certain areas can be a little shady, it’s true, but stick to the main streets and this is a thrilling place to spend a little time.

Nightclubs, shops, hotels and restaurants are in plentiful supply, whilst there’s always something to see, and the atmosphere is always buzzing. Look out for hawkers and always keep your wits about you, but don’t be afraid to visit. No trip to Japan’s chaotic capital would be complete without making a visit to Kabukicho, so buckle up, soak up the sights and, above all, enjoy.


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