15 Truly Astounding Places To Visit In Japan

Sensō-ji Temple

Tokyo’s oldest temple is a must-see for all who visit Japan’s entrancing capital. This means it is often busy, but careful planning and clever timing means the crowds can be avoided and this fascinating slice of the city’s ancient past can still be savoured in peace.

For those able to wait until evening, when most tourists have left, there is an added bonus — the illuminated temple a spectacular sight as the Tokyo light begins to fade. It is now, after hours, that Senso-ji comes alive.

There’s a reason that this is the city’s most photographed and famous temple and, for those seeking a glimpse of Japan at its most authentic, it doesn’t get much better than this. Breathe in the aromas 0f incense that linger in the air and soak up the peace and quiet that abounds here. It’s as though time stands still at Senso-ji, making this the ideal destination for those seeking to leave Tokyo’s chaotic streets behind.


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