15 Truly Astounding Places To Visit In Japan


There’s much to see in Nikko, but for most, it’s Toshogu — the famed Shinto shrine — that brings them to these parts. Dating back to 1617, this is Japan’s most lavishly-decorated shrine, a splendid sight that demands to be seen and one that ranks amongst the country’s most photographed spots.

Home to the mausoleum of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and the marvellous Yomeimon Gate, this is a popular place indeed. But peace and quiet can still be found here.
Located in the beautiful Tochigi Prefecture, to the north of Tokyo, Nikko National Park is a tranquil spot indeed, with its lakes and waterfalls, hot springs and wild roaming monkeys.

Hiking trails dot the mountainous landscape and the Toshogu crowds can soon be left behind. Take a trip in the autumn, when Nikko is at its colourful best. With so much to see and do in this small city, be sure to set aside enough time to take it all in.


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