15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

China’s Atlantis

The Lion City — aka Shi Cheng — was once a major metropolis, an economic and political powerhouse in China’s eastern Zhejiang province, its ancient buildings attractive and its influence great.

That all came to an abrupt end in 1957, when the powers-that-be here decided that a vast hydroelectric power plant was needed. Its inhabitants evacuated from their homes, Shi Cheng was submerged at the bottom of an enormous man-made lake. Out of sight and out of mind, it was soon forgotten.

Divers rediscovered ‘China’s Atlantis’ almost five decades later — making this a popular spot indeed for those with a penchant for underwater adventures.

Lying 130 feet beneath the surface of picturesque Lake Qiandao, the city’s haunting streets and buildings remain intact, drawing those keen to explore Shi Cheng’s long-forgotten corners. Had it not been for curious divers, this historic urban centre might have been lost forever. Will you be brave enough to explore this underwater ghost town?


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