15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

Sunken Yacht In The Antarctic

Ghost ships have long beckoned divers keen to explore their sunken hulls. Most date back to days long gone, but the stricken Mar Sem Fin was a wreck more modern.

This Brazilian research vessel slipped beneath the surface in 2012 having become trapped in the frigid waters of Maxwell Bay, not far from King George Island, some 750 miles from South America’s southernmost tip. The 76-foot yacht has since been recovered. But, for a time, this was a dive site like nowhere else on Earth.

The Mar Sem Fin got into trouble having been battered by 60mph winds and, with the crew having been rescued, the ship’s fate was inevitable. Having sunk to a depth of just 30 feet, the wrecked yacht could be seen from the surface, the Antarctic conditions giving the impression that it was glowing beneath the water, demanding to be discovered.


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