15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

Sand Drawings In Japan

Like underwater crop circles, these mysterious ‘sand drawings’ confounded scientists for a short time. Discovered during a routine dive off Amami Oshima in southern Japan, wild theories abounded.

Measuring six feet in diameter and found 80 feet beneath the ocean surface, no-one could explain their origins. Further dives soon revealed the reason, however. This has nothing to do with aliens — but the explanation is no less fascinating.

The rippling geometric patterns are, in fact, created by small puffer fish, who toil to fashion intricate designs on the soft ocean floor. The reason? Scientists have discovered that these delicate ‘drawings’ help the puffer fish to attract a mate, as well as providing a safe place for eggs to be laid. It’s a beautiful sight and an incredible discovery. Preparing to dive in Japan? Be sure to look out for the puffer fish — and their amazing underwater artworks.


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