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Staniel Cay Plane Wreck

    Photo by Christian Negron

Close to Staniel Cay Airport in the Bahamas, the Staniel Cay Plane Wreck dive site is surrounded in dastardly intrigue as well as beauty. Easily accessible (one of the most easily accessible plane wreck dive sites in the world, actually) due to its shallow location in these stunning turquoise waters, this dive site is just half a mile from shore.

The beauty of this wreck turned artificial reef is the way that Mother Nature has just continued to go about doing her thing. The plane is now home to many different species of both coral and fish, and is a lasting reminder of the power of nature to adopt a home even in such shallow waters.

But the dastardly intrigue comes from the reason this plane is in the water in the first place, just six feet below the surface. This plane belonged to a drug smuggler ferrying his load of marijuana from Columbia to Miami. It was the 1970s and the reign of Pablo Escobar was at its height and planes used to stop off at the tiny Staniel Cay Airport at night.

Running out of fuel, this plane didn’t quite make it, and it’s thought that both pilot and passenger perished because they couldn’t escape the plane through the mountains of marijuana on board. Now it’s a popular tourist spot, looking for the ghosts of an era long passed, but still holding its cards close to its chest.

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