15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

The Military Museum

    Photo by Alex Dawson photography

If you enjoy diving and you also enjoy visiting military museums, then this dive site is most definitely for you. The Military Museum in Aqaba in Jordan in the Middle East is the world’s first underwater military museum, and it’s a sight to behold.

Comprising of 19 different pieces of hardware including tanks, an ambulance, a military crane, a troop carrier, anti-aircraft guns and a combat helicopter, each piece was sunk in ‘battle formation’ for authenticity. Organisers say that great care was taken to remove anything toxic from the pieces, before sinking them in an underwater playground for diving and military enthusiasts.

The dive site is situated far from any natural coral reefs, and it’s hoped that it will bring tourism to the area, and create a crucial, albeit manmade, coral reef where coral, sea sponges and fish will thrive and call it home. It’s hoped that it will also give divers somewhere new to explore, taking them away from the delicate coral ecosystems nearby.

This is a stunning dive to explore, in the bluest of waters and even though it’s between 15 and 28 metres below the surface of the sea, it’s also accessible to snorkelers and tourists in glass bottomed boats.


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