15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

The Sweepstakes Shipwreck

Situated 200 feet below the surface of the ocean, 45 metres from the head of Big Tub Harbour, lays the Sweepstakes shipwreck. The Sweepstakes (also now affectionately known as Sweeps) was a Canadian two masted schooner built in 1867.

Carrying her load of coal, she was damaged off Cove Island in August 1885 where she then sank in shallow water. The following month she was towed by tug into Big Tub Harbour where it was discovered that she sadly wasn’t worthy of repair.

The decision was made to strip her of her load and anything useful, before being sunk in the harbour, where she remains to this day. Accessible and visible to tour boat passengers, snorkelers and divers alike, the Sweepstakes Shipwreck is one of the most visited of several wrecks in the Fathom Five National Marine Park in Tobermory in Ontario.

With her hull still intact after all this time, she lays majestically in the water, and her partially remaining bow is visible from the surface of the water. She also holds the accolade of one of the best preserved Great Lakes schooners from the 19th century still in existence and is well worth exploring.


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