15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

The Cathedral, Australia

Divers have long known about The Cathedral – an immense cave network on the picturesque Tasman Peninsula – but so vast is this awe-inspiring underwater world, exciting new discoveries are being made all the time.

The site was formed over thousands of years, with fresh water filtering through the soft limestone, before rising to the surface under pressure, eroding great chunks of stone in the process. The result is spectacular, with intricate passages aplenty, and the chance of yet another amazing discovery waiting around each and every corner. The latest find has been dubbed ‘The Chamber of Secrets’, a cavernous expanse that has yet to be explored fully.

The Piccaninnie Ponds cave system is so huge that no-one knows what else might be hidden down here. It’s perhaps no surprise then that intrepid divers are drawn to Southern Australia to swim in its waters. However, after a series of non-qualified diver deaths, access to them is now strictly controlled.


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