15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

Cleopatra’s Sunken Palace

In 1996, the president of the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology made a startling discovery, the long lost island of Antirhodos. He actually spent 10 years planning an expedition to the island to uncover the secrets of Cleopatra’s sunken palace.

The island sank without a trace in the Fourth Century due to a great earthquake prompting a chain of devastating tremors and a powerful tsunami that struck the Egyptian coastline hard. Once a place of immense wealth and splendour, Antirhodos vanished to be rediscovered in the 90s, a priceless archeological find recovering well-preserved and authentic relics, statues and artwork.

Unfortunately for divers, nowadays all those pieces have been taken out of the water to tour the world museums. That said, there are some artifacts left for divers to see today and you can still explore the stunning historical palace. The site isn’t really deep, just 5 to 8 meters, but it’s really shallow, which is something to bear in mind.

You can see many of the columns of the palace, huge stones everywhere, big bowls used in ancient times to keep water or food and two Sphinxes. You may also see stones with ancient Egyptian writings on it if the visibility is good enough. Fan of historical discoveries? You’ll definitely want to brave the shallow waters and take a look at this.


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