15 of the Most Incredible Discoveries Made by Divers

Wreck Of The Titanic

Having slipped beneath the ink-black surface one night in 1912, Titanic lay undisturbed on the frigid ocean floor for almost three quarters of a century. Rediscovered during a secret operation in 1985, divers have longed to explore the renowned wreck ever since.

Getting there is the problem, with Titanic’s holed hull lying more than two miles down in an unpredictable part of the Atlantic that is almost impossible to access. Yet plans are afoot to resume exploration, using special submersibles to transport those with the means to a dive site like no other.

It was an oceanographer called Robert Ballard who located the wreck in the 1980s, but the costs and logistics involved have made return visits problematic. With Titanic disintegrating, those keen to follow in Ballard’s footsteps know that time is running out.

Like to take a trip? It will cost a fortune, but with Titanic’s bow, deck and bridge to explore — as well as a vast debris field strewn with historic artifacts from that fateful voyage — those who can afford it might consider it a price worth paying.


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