15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

Hottest Place On Earth: Death Valley, California

Hottest Place On Earth: Death Valley, California

Be prepared and pack a full survival kit for Death Valley. This may sound dramatic, but California’s killer desert is an extreme environment, and those ill-equipped risk paying the ultimate price.

There are countless dangers in Death Valley, with rattlesnakes, scorpions and black widow spiders prowling the desert floor, and abandoned mine shafts and tunnels that are hidden from sight. But the greatest peril here is the extreme temperature. Put quite simply, Death Valley is hot.

The highest ambient air temperature ever recorded was here, at Furnace Creek in 1913, when scientists took a reading of 56.7C, whilst surface temperatures have been known to exceed 93C. Drought is constant, the summers long and the risks significant. Those visiting are advised to avoid hiking in the heat, to pack sufficient water and to look out for signs of trouble — with dizziness, nausea and headaches pointing to problems for those not used to the extreme conditions.


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