15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

World’s Smallest Island: Bishop Rock, England

One thing is certain about Bishop Rock: it’s impossible to get lost here. Located in the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, four miles west of the remote Isles of Scilly, this is the smallest island on Earth that is able to boast a building.

That building? The majestic lighthouse that was completed in 1858, its predecessor having been washed away before it had even been opened. The seas are wild out here, 30 miles off the picturesque Cornish peninsula. Measuring 49 metres from top to bottom, the so-called King of Lighthouses is the joint tallest in England.

Everything else here is tiny. Indeed, so small is Bishop Rock itself, there’s room for nothing else, the lighthouse perched on a miniscule ledge that peeks out above the waves. When the tide is high, the lighthouse covers just about every inch of the island. It might be minute, but Bishop Rock has a big job to do. This is an important shipping lane and, with huge waves lashing the dangerous rocks all around, those travelling the wild seas are reliant on its shining light.


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