15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

World’s Most Remote Island: Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena

Like to escape it all? You should give Tristan da Cunha a try. This island is the most remote inhabited archipelago on Earth, there’s nowhere better for anyone seeking solitude.

Just 250 people live a quiet life of solitude here, in the South Atlantic Ocean. The nearest neighbours? Trust us on this one – there’s no need to give them a second thought.

With Saint Helena 1,343 miles away, South Africa 1,500 miles and the shores of the Falkland Islands 2,166, you couldn’t be more cut off. There’s no airstrip and a long boat ride from Cape Town – a trip that takes six stomach-churning days on wild seas — is the only way in and out.

Just seven miles long and covering an area of less than 40 square miles, most people here live in the quaintly-named Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha’s sole settlement. Still too busy? For those seeking somewhere even more isolated, there’s always Inaccessible Island – part of the archipelago chain and even harder to reach – to explore.


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