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World’s Most Expensive City: Singapore

If you want to settle in Singapore, start saving. The Southeast Asian city-state is a fabulous place to reside (it’s the second most safe city in the world), but those keen to live here find it comes at quite a cost.

For the last five years, Singapore has been revealed to be the Most Expensive City In The World. Food, healthcare and education are all are increasing; Singapore is going through an affordability crisis.

For a long time, Tokyo held the title as the world’s costliest city, but since taking over the top spot in 2014, Singapore has only become more and more expensive.

Hong Kong and Paris drew level with Singapore in 2019. Yet for those who have crunched the numbers, Singapore’s eye-watering cost of living means there is nowhere in the world that hits your wallet harder. The figures, drawn up by the Economist Intelligence Unit, take into account the prices of 150 goods and services, including food, utilities and accommodation. Yet again, Singapore tops the bill.


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