15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

World’s Most Populated Place: Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the most populous metropolitan place on the planet, Tokyo teems with life, its residents crammed into all corners. Home to more than 38,000,000 people at the last count, the city’s greater urban area is enormous.

Population growth has begun to slow down in recent times, but still 13,000,000 more people live here than in Delhi, the next place on the list.

For those keen to experience the real Japan up close and personal, Tokyo is the place to be given that a significant number of the country’s 127 million people live within the city limits.

Delhi is forecast to overtake Tokyo in the coming years. But for now, so densely populated is this vibrant city, the crown is secure and those keen to visit the world’s most populous place should pack a bag and head to the Land of the Rising Sun.


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