15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

Wettest Place On Earth: Mawsynram, India

Planning a trip to Mawsynram? You’d better bring an umbrella. Located in the East Khasi Hills in northern India, the sodden village is considered the wettest place on the planet. Boasting, on average, almost 12,000mm of rain on an annual basis, Mawsynram’s climate makes it an extreme location.

The monsoon months are the worst, the downpour incessant in June and July, with landslides and rockfalls commonplace as the lashing rains take their toll. Those who live here are used to such conditions, with the traditional Khasi umbrellas ‘ known as knups, and crafted from bamboo and banana leaves ‘ a familiar sight.

Those just passing through find it a rather different matter, however, with one visit to Mawsynram often proving enough. Boasting a sub-tropical highland climate, Mawsynram’s unique environment provides constant challenges for those accustomed to living beneath a cloud. Wet and wild and always extreme, don’t expect to see the sun here.


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