15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

Driest Place On Earth: Atacama Desert, Chile

Regarded as the driest place on the planet, Atacama is arid. In some parts of this desolate landscape, less than 15mm of rain falls on an annual basis. In such a barren environment, life is limited and little can survive. Remote and eerie, it’s no place to be unprepared.
Surprisingly, people live here, in a desert that runs from northern Chile up to southern Peru, on South America’s picturesque Pacific Coast, just west of the imposing Andes. It’s a punishing existence, and the countless abandoned mining towns that dot Atacama’s endless sands tell their own tale.

This is a place that is often compared to Mars — a land used as a location for science fiction films, and a training ground for those keen to learn more about Space’s Final Frontier. The ground here is stony, with salt lakes and sand offering little respite. Dry, desolate and always arid, Atacama calls those with an eye for the extreme.


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