15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth

Snowiest Place On Earth: Paradise, Washington

It might sound like the perfect place to spend a little time, but Paradise doesn’t always live up to its name. Located on the southern slopes of majestic Mount Rainier, this is a picturesque location, for sure.

But the extreme weather for which Paradise is renowned means this is no place for the unprepared, with wild conditions commonplace and those ill-equipped often requiring rescue.

It’s all about the winter weather here, with Paradise considered the snowiest place on the planet (where snowfall is measured on a regular basis). During the winter of 1971 and 1972, an astonishing 93.5 feet of snow fell on Paradise, a world record that is still a major talking point here today.

This is a place that can be beautiful and bleak at the same time ‘ with everything blanketed beneath the pristine surface and conditions hazardous. Planning a visit to Paradise? Be prepared and always factor in the likelihood that you’re going to be snowed in.


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