15 Most Extreme Places To Visit On Earth


World’s Tallest Waterfall: Angel Falls, Venezuela

Reaching Angel Falls can be a complicated affair, but those who do make the journey deep into Venezuela reap rich rewards indeed. The highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world always makes for a spectacular sight.

It might be hard to get to, but there’s no doubt that making the effort is well worthwhile. Standing 979 metres tall, with an awesome 807-metre plunge, Angel Falls rumble, the waters tumbling over the edge of the imposing Auyan-tepui, in Canaima National Park, and onto the rocks far below. Like to get a fresh perspective?

It’s possible to swim in the picturesque pool that lies beneath the falls, providing the conditions are suitable, with the summer months considered the best time to take a dip. Lie back and relax beneath a shower that is almost one kilometre from top to bottom. For anyone interested in extreme experiences, it doesn’t get much better than this.


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