15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan

Japan’s oldest suspension bridge is also its scariest. Located deep in the country’s Southern Alps, the ramshackle structure dates back to the 1950s.’Musou Tsuribashi’ literally means ‘Matchless Suspension Bridge’ in Japanese.

That the dilapidated bridge hasn’t been well maintained during the subsequent decades is all too obvious, making it a health and safety hazard. It’s constructed – in the main – from rope, wire and thin wooden boards that are well spaced out in places and does little to inspire confidence.

Just getting here is a challenge, with Musou Tsuribashi far from the beaten tourist track. You’ll need to climb high into the hills, with little to cling on to, other than a series of chains bolted to the rocks, before taking a step onto the decaying platform that looks ready to crumble at any moment. It’s narrow and it wobbles, and the risks here are obvious.