15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Baluarte Bridge, Mexico

Standing proud at 390 metres high and with a span of 520 metres, the Baluarte Bridge in El Palmito in Sinaloa in Mexico was completed in 2013. The highest bridge in North America, it crosses between the Pacific coast of the continent and the centre of Mexico. In fact, it’s the only bridge to do so for over 500 miles.

Part of the “greatest bridge and tunnel highway project in North America”, the Durango-Mazatlán highway, the Baluarte Bridge is known locally as the crown jewel of this massive undertaking. But even crown jewels can still be terrifying and this is certainly no exception. The entire highway has more twists and turns than our favourite TV soap operas and in areas, it’s so tight that the road almost doubles back onto itself. This though was considered a safer route, going directly through the mountains no fewer than 61 times, opening up the surrounding areas for trade, industry and much needed tourism.

This bridge is one of seven along the route and crosses the Baluarte River, considered the most challenging crossing along the entire length of this highway. So if you’re looking to get your thrills from crossing a bridge, we reckon this is the place to do so!