15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Puli Bridge, China

Standing tall and proud amongst China’s highest suspension bridges, the Puli Bridge is 485 metres high with a 628 metre span. Completed in 2015, this bridge is a phenomenal sight. Nestled high above the Puli Creek, the rocky and bushy terrain of the area provides beautiful scenery but also provided a headache for engineers and construction workers on the site.

Literally stretching between two sides of a huge crack in the ground, the Puli Bridge was built only after rock stability was sussed out and guaranteed by, no doubt, nervous engineers and architects. The Puli Creek is so vast, that the main cable holding the bridge together and in place was shot across the creek by a rocket to get it to the other side, only the third time this has been successfully carried out. So that gives you some insight into the feat of genius building this road bridge was.

Travelling across this bridge may cause your heart to reach your mouth. For whilst offering an unrivaled view down over the naturally stunning scenery below, stopping to look over the side of this bridge is for the most dare devilish among us only!