15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


William Preston Lane Bridge, United States

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Located in Maryland in the United States, the William Preston Lane Bridge is also known locally as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, or simply, the Bay Bridge. With two bridges running alongside each other over the Chesapeake Bay it connects the rural in the east to the urban in the west.

The first route was opened in 1952 and was then the longest structure made of steel to run continuously over water. Then, in 1973, the parallel section was opened to make the William Preston lane Bridge officially a dual span bridge.

Part of the Route 50 and five miles long, more than 24 million cars use this pair of bridges each year. The road deck is 200 feet high both bridges are almost 23,000 feet long. As handy as it might be to link these parts of Maryland to millions of drivers, this region attracts many heavy, violent and dangerous storms.

If one comes across when you’re mid way through crossing the bridge, it could be a very dangerous place to be. Visibility gets extremely limited so if you are going to drive over one of these bridges, make sure you check the weather forecast. Unless dangerous bridge crossings are your thing! (Although you may have no choice – when winds reach 55 mph, the bridge is closed to traffic.)