15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Python Bridge, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Python Bridge

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is famous for its bridges and the Python Bridge, or Pythonbrug in Dutch, is one of it’s most renowned. Shaped like a snake, this bright red metal bridge winds up and down over the water like a serpent, it’s railings reminiscent of a snake’s scales.

It opened to the public in 2001 and connects Borneo Island to the Sporenburg Peninsula, right in the centre of Amsterdam. This bridge is 90 metres long and like most of this city, is pedestrian friendly. Cyclists are welcome, however, they’ll need to push their bikes up the stairway ramp on the up and down parts of this crossing. (Or cyclists can use the nearby Lage Brug which is higher and can be cycled over.)

When you cross this bridge, take a moment to look at the views of the contemporary buildings in this area known as the east docklands. If you dare, crouch down and look through the stunning red railings and study the water below your feet. It’s not a very high bridge and certainly won’t win any awards for being a thrill seekers bridge, but if you’re finding your feet in Amsterdam, then this is the place to head for.