15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

Tsing Ma Bridge

With perhaps an underwhelming badge of honour as the 14th longest span suspension bridge in the world, the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong is named after Tsing Yi and Ma Wan – the two islands it links together.

But don’t let its underwhelming claim to fame put you off, this bridge is seriously attractive. A double decker bridge, it has one deck for cars and other road vehicles, and one for trains. And that fact earns it a better title – the largest suspension bridge of its type in the world. With inspiration coming from the Forth Bridge in Scotland and the Severn Bridge in England, the designers had to overcome wind safety tests in order to get the go ahead. This is an area of the world that experiences extreme winds and typhoons, so this bridge had to prove itself as a sturdy beast.

Here’s another fun fact – the Tsing Ma Bridge has also been built with rock seawalls at each of its tower bases that can stop a 222,000 tonne ship, travelling at eight knots, in its tracks. And that’s some awesome power! So if you fancy some dare devil action, cross this bridge, daring it to stop you in your tracks.