15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Øresund Bridge, Sweden

Øresund Bridge, Sweden

Not content with linking cities or towns, the Øresund Bridge connects the countries of Denmark and Sweden. Known in local dialect as Øresundsbron, it runs from Amager and Oresund in Denmark (on the island of Zealand) to Skane on the Swedish mainland. It’s the longest bridge in Europe, unsurprisingly, and carries cars on the upper part and trains on the lower part. (Yep, this bridge has two ‘decks’ – one for vehicles and one for trains.)

The Øresund Bridge is in two connected parts too. The first part, from the Swedish coastline, is around five miles long and ends at a manmade island called Peberholm. This island was built in order to provide a link between the first and second parts, and is incidentally home to many endangered species of sea bird. The second part goes underground and forms a tunnel of around the same length.

Building a road over the sea, which turns into a tunnel that goes under the sea is no easy task and is one of only eight such structures in the world. Situated in a beautiful part of the world, thrill seekers will be breath taken by the stunning scenery and backdrop to this stunning bridge.