15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Forth Bridge, Scotland

Forth Bridge, Scotland

Legend has it, that painting the Forth Bridge in Scotland is a full time job – by the time the painters reach the end, they need to start at the beginning again. Not to be confused with the Forth Road Bridge, the Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge that’s carries trains across the Firth of Forth estuary in the east of the country.

Opened in 1890, the bridge is 2,467 metres in length. It held the title of the longest single cantilever bridge span in the world until Canada’s Quebec Bridge was opened to traffic in 1919. However, to this day, it still holds the title of the second longest single cantilever bridge span with a span of 521 metres.

With Scotland’s weather being notorious for wind and rain for much of the year, crossing this bridge is no mean feat. (Much like building it in the first place must have been, way back in the 1880s.) Thankfully, trains run regularly and on a clear day, the bridge appears proud and bright red against the clear waters of the Firth of Forth. It must be all that painting and now it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it makes crossing this bridge even more exciting!