15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

Spanning an inlet of the East China Sea in the municipality of Shanghai, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China is an outstanding S shaped bridge that forms a crucial part of the busy East Coast Superhighway. At 36km long, with six lanes and a 100km per hour speed limit, its officially the world’s longest bridge that crosses an ocean.

Once this bridge was completed and opened in 2005, it knocked 120m off the road journey time from Ningbo in the south of the municipality to Shanghai. Seen from the air, this bridge is a wonder, winding its way across the ocean magnificently.

What makes this bridge dangerous? Well, aside from it being the longest sea road crossing in the world, how about the fact it’s been built over “the world’s most complicated sea environment”? Or that this particular sea has “one of the three biggest tides on earth”?

Or that it has to withstand typhoons and the “difficult content of the sea soil”. Those were the words of the chief director overseeing the construction. But take our word for it – this bridge is a feat of engineering so large, that crossing it must come with a side helping of at least a tiny bit of fear!