15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Baliem River Bridge, Western New Guinea

Looking for a super rickety bridge, of the sort you might see in action films with the hero just about making it to the other side before it breaks in half and falls to the water below? Well, we’ve just found it for you.

Found in the central area of the Papua province, the Baliem River is a tributary of the better known Pulau River. Beginning its journey in the mountains of the east, it flows down through the province, sometimes underground, but most of the time above ground. The waters of this river are far from calm. Instead, they’re at best choppy, most of the time being rapid and vigorous. So clearly a bridge is needed to cross them. Step forward the Baliem River Bridge – but this bridge is also far from calm. Barely resembling a bridge, this wooden construction looks like it’s been made from twigs tied together with string.

Amazingly, locals cross this bridge on foot in their droves every day, daring it to hold their weight above the white, choppy rapids below. We would advise you to cross it with your eyes held tightly shut, but that’ll probably make it an even more dangerous crossing!